Trudy is currently a Sociology/Culture studies PhD Candidate attending the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Research at the University of Kent at Canterbury in the UK. She is also an Artist, Writer, Researcher and Broadcaster. Trudy's work encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach to Cybersociology, Cyberculture, Gender and Sexually Fetishistic Perceptions of Cyberspace. She was the creator of the first immersiveVirtual Reality Sex Environment.

VR Sex. Artwork. Publishing. Research. Media. Interests.

World Congress of Sexology Presentation

Culture studies cybersex lecture

Trudy is a member of the following associations:
 World Future Society.
 UK Futurologists Group.
 The Tommorrow Network.
Feminists against Censorship.
 The Association for the study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour.
The Association of Internet Researchers.
The World Transhuman Association.
The British Sociological Association
 The Royal Institution.