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Looking for a Fuck Buddy? This Social Sex Network has you covered!

May 23 2018 - Cybersex evolves with a new fuck buddy social network. Fuckbook is a new website dedicated to those singles (or not) who are just looking for a friend to have sex with. No strings. Welcome to 2018 folks, this is exciting!

When you create your Fuckbook profile, you will instantly be matched with like-minded individuals just looking for a good time (ie sex). No strings. No commitments. Just fun.

During our interview with Lark Fuckrborg, he claimed that they have 200,000 new users joining the social network every single day. Those are some big numbers!

He even wrote a how-to guide to find a fuck buddy

Whether its an ongoing sex friend relationship, or just a one night stand, Fuckbook seems to have it all

Have fun people!

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